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commercial portable air conditionerLet's take a look at what it takes to cool a much larger industrial size space than the typical home or office needs.

Industrial Cooling

If you can imagine taking your domestic portable AC that is capable of cooling a 500 sq ft living space and scaling it up so that it can cope with 2,000 sq ft or bigger spaces, you'd have an image of a much larger unit. It would certainly contain much more powerful machinery and be capable of blasting out an incredibly larger amount of chilled air.

Think about commercial spaces such as hospitals, warehouses, factories, auto repair garages, large server rooms and similar and you'll realize it takes a much bigger machine than what you have in your bedroom to keep them cool.

Welcome to the world of commercial size air conditioning!

There are a number of manufacturers that produce industrial strength air conditioning equipment. The one I want to focus on here is an American company called Kwikool.

I have chosen this brand because it manufactures its equipment in the USA. It builds quality, reliable and efficient devices that can handle large installations and premises with 24/7 run capability and a whole host of safety features.

Why an Industrial Air Conditioner that is Portable?

There are a number of reasons why a company would choose to purchase and use a portable industrial air conditioning unit or more than one, for that matter. Let's look at some of those whys:

An Industrial Cooler for an Industrial Cooling Solution

Just as there are many different sizes and cooling requirements in business premises, Kwikool manufactures a variety of cooling units with different size and power output specifications.

No two instances will be exactly the same. So there is a need for power outputs ranging from only slightly greater than domestic needs to very high powered units for very large capacity spaces.

Below I have listed some examples and suggestion of where they can best be sourced.

Note: As a Sylvane affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.

KwiKool 16,800 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Starting with a smaller unit, this 16,800 BTU unit is much more powerful than domestic units and is a good fit for smaller industrial installations, workshops, large office areas, server rooms etc.

Comfortably cool medium sized commercial spaces up to 500 sq ft with the KwiKool KPAC1811-2 16,800 BTU portable air conditioner that's made in the USA.

This is a compact yet powerful 1.5-ton air conditioner that delivers an impressive 16,800 BTU of cooling power.

It is easy to install, maintain and use. It has been designed with a number of safety features to protect the unit as well as the user.

It should be noted that for proper installation a ceiling kit is needed.

There is a removable 3-gallon condensate tank that holds excess moisture collected as the unit cools, which allows for long term operation in spaces without direct moisture drainage. It features a float assembly that will automatically shut the unit off when the tank is full with an onboard alarm to alert you when this occurs.

Direct Cool where Needed

This unit allows you to direct cool air wherever you need it to go. It does this thanks to its standard air chutes. It is designed with a direct drive fan to efficiently and quickly cool the intended area.

You can separate the hoses to cool a larger space if needed or you can focus the cold air outflow in a single direction for concentrated cooling.

It operates in temperatures from 70 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit and at lower temperatures will still provide adequate air circulation by switching to fan mode.

A large, easy to read digital display panel clearly shows the current temperature, set temperature as well as any alarm codes making it simple to set and adjust the settings as needed. It plugs into a standard 115v outlet.

Please click the image above to visit the product page at the Sylvane website to view full details and purchase info of this unit.

For cooling larger areas, the following may be the more suitable choice.

KwiKool 120,000 BTU 10-Ton Portable Air Conditioners

If you need a real heavyweight in the commercial portable air conditioner world, this 120,000 BTU American-built 10-ton monster is definitely it!

If you have an industrial space of up to 4,000 sq ft that needs cooling and it needs to come from a portable unit, this 120,000 BTU model from Kwikool is the one you must have!

This giant 10 ton model is commonly used in industrial plants, warehouses, hospitals, server rooms and open plan offices. It is not meant for domestic use.

This powerhouse cooler is designed to be vented through a false or drop ceiling. It has efficient 3-stage motors with direct drive fans and has an internal condensate pump for continuous use.

It has two electrical/power options. Both utilize 3-phase motors that are designed to efficiently maintain high cooling power, specifically for industrial spaces. There are two models with different voltage requirements:

The unit has a maximum evaporator airflow rated at 3,800 CFM (cubic feet per minute) and a maximum condenser airflow rated at 5,000 CFM.

Two Operating Options

These machines can be run continuously for fully 24-hour use. An internal pump lifts moisture up and out of the space to a nearby drain that can be up to 150 feet away. The unit will cut itself off if there's a problem and an alarm will sound to notify you.

For temporary operation, it has a large external 5 gallon tank that can be used. When the tank is full, an alarm will sound and the unit will cut off.

There's no need to be concerned about using these durable portable air conditioning units for long periods of time. They are packed with safety features that include:

Additionally, there is a useful auto-restart feature that has you covered if there is a power failure. Once power is restored, the unit will restart with its previously programmed settings. It has a safe operational temperature range of 60-110°F.

Click the image above to visit the product page at Sylvane to see the full details.


There are many more commercial rated air conditioning solutions available in addition to the two featured above. A lot depends on your company's needs and the size/area of the premises you need to be cooled.

Portable units especially those with self evaporating capability are a good, quick to install solution for spot cooling, emergency backup cooling and even full 24/7 cooling of the entire area if necessary.

Last Updated: February 20, 2022

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