Welcome to the website of AirConergy LLC where we promote energy conscious air conditioning and heating in homes, businesses, work places and public buildings. The main focus is a clever device called the HVAC Smart Chip which I'll explain a little about below.

Airconergy helps people worldwide lessen their heating and cooling costs. Airconergy distributes the HVAC Smart Chip, a simple device designed to for easy retrofit to residential and commercial HVAC systems.

In addition, Airconergy proudly supports drop4drop through the Save Energy and Save Lives Campaign. Sales of the HVAC Smart Chip fund wells in the developing world, providing clean, fresh water for 2000 people from each well. Learn more at drop4drop.org.

What Is the HVAC Smart Chip?

We are fortunate to have an abundance of information about the clever and effective HVAC Smart Chip device all over this website, so to save time I'll just briefly summarize here: When this device is installed in a thermostat or air handler, the HVAC Smart Chip is able to extend the internal fan's running time by up to eight minutes after the main heating or cooling cycle has completed. This captures additional heating or cooling that would otherwise have been wasted.

It's really easy to retrofit this device to residential and commercial HVAC systems and by doing so, saving 12-20% on interior space heating and cooling. The amazing device has been tested on all the leading manufacturers' equipment, resulting in energy savings that have been verified by the California Energy Commission.

So now you know that's why we like to say "Save Energy and Save Lives." I really hope you'll also join us in providing the basic necessity of clean water, and tell your friends too.